Servo Feed System Options That Help You Save Money

If you’ve installed a servo feed system in your facility, you’ve likely started to gain the advantages that these types of systems deliver. Greater speed, less downtime and other benefits mean maximum production for even the busiest shops. But even beyond the basics, the right options and accessories can help a servo feed system deliver dramatic cost-savings for your business.

Read on for a few options you should consider, and contact us today to learn more about Coe servo feed systems.

  • Option 1, Automated Passline Adjustment

Each job may require height adjustment to account for varying die heights, but many traditional feed systems make this process cumbersome, time-consuming and complex. With a Tool Free Press Mount, however, the operator can easily adjust the passline height with a hydraulic screw or jack. Automated pass line adjustment systems can make it even easier. With these adjustments made quick and easy, downtime is minimized and productivity can dramatically increase.

  • Option 2, Single-Point Roll Stop Adjustment

This important feature prevents the stock from pulling backward during feed roll release, but it’s easier said than done on many feed systems. Often, it requires manual adjustment with a wrench or other tool. And in many cases, it requires the operator to climb on top of the machine – a dangerous undertaking. With a single-point roll stop adjustment option, however, machine operators can easily adjust and lock the brake. Ensuring maximum speed, minimum required tools, and maximum safety.

  • Option 3, Adjustable Edge Guides

Another adjustment that can be time consuming and difficult on servo feed systems is setting the edge guides. On base-model systems, this often requires the operator to make adjustments on both sides of the line. With the downtime created by multiple trips back and forth, productivity suffers. An easy way to prevent this is to opt for hand crank or motorized edge guides with self centering and independent adjustments. This eliminates variability and inconsistency, while saving time during line setup.

  • Option 4, Smart Setup Software

The right software can make all the difference, and with CNC control of your servo feed line, you’ll be processing material as accurately and quickly as possible with minimal setup and configuration time. Getting your line running smoothly means optimize feed velocity and acceleration, among other variables. And while this can be accomplished through trial and error, software solutions exist that automated these calculations. This means your line will be up and running quickly, your material will be fed correctly, and your parts will be produced with maximum quality and efficiency.

Interested to Learn More?

As a leading distributor of Coe servo feed systems, we have the knowledge and experience to help you choose a system that will improve your business. In fact, Coe systems include all of the features described above and more. So if you’re thinking about implementing a servo feed system in your facility, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!