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For precision sheet metal parts and components, small imperfections can lead to big problems.

Operations such as laser cutting, plasma cutting, punching, and shearing can cause burrs – unwanted, rough, sometimes raised, edges; ridges; or small pieces of material that remain attached to a workpiece after being processed.

Burrs are a bane to precision parts: They reduce safety, increase stress on metal, decrease resistance to fractures and fatigue, lead to corrosion, affect lubrication, and can complicate finishing processes like powder coating or electroplating.

Removing mechanical edge burrs, thermal slag, and dross burrs is a critical part of any metal fabrication process and requires an efficient and effective deburring machine.

Northeast Machinery Sales provides high-performing, high-quality deburring machines and deburring machine solutions for almost any application.

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Providing the Deburring Machines You Need

Deburring machines are a vital part of metal fabrication. High-quality deburring machines and deburring solutions supplied by Northeast Machinery Sales provide the deburring, graining, surface polishing, edge rounding, oxide, and slag removal, and finishing your parts require.

Durable, reliable deburring machines and solutions from Northeast Machinery Sales:

  • Eliminate time-consuming hand grinding of parts
  • Add proper finishes to material
  • Ensure parts fit together quickly and perfectly during welding or final assembly
  • Remove rough edges
  • Boost performance
  • Enhance appearance
  • Improve safety

Taken together, these factors mean higher quality throughput and more efficient workflows that save your operation time and money. Deburring is a true value-added service – by using the correct machine for the job you can increase your efficiency and throughput.

Selecting the Right Deburring Machine

Northeast Machinery Sales works closely with you to ensure that you have the right system in place for your specific application. We can assess your operation based on a wide range of factors, including part size, profile, material, part thickness, volume and required finish quality. After careful consideration, we can help you determine and select the most suitable deburring machine or deburring solution.

Northeast Machinery Sales offers several deburring machine solutions from several manufacturers, including:

Our experienced team can help determine the best solution for your unique production application.

Serving your Industry Needs, One Deburring Solution at a Time

Any manufacturer that creates metal parts and components needs a deburring solution. Deburring machines and deburring solutions are regularly used in a wide range of industries that make products from agricultural enclosures to aircraft turbine blades. These industries include:

  • Automotive
  • Aircraft
  • Aerospace
  • Computers
  • Toys
  • Food-handling equipment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Defense
  • Robotics

Delivering the Service You Deserve

Northeast Machinery Sales specializes in securing the best deburring machines and burring solution technology. That’s why businesses that process metal to make parts and products turn to us.

We have the experience and expertise to select and supply the exact right equipment you need, and the professional dedicated staff to provide the service you deserve.

Northeast Machinery Sales:

  • Boasts 30 years of industry experience
  • Supplies equipment to small shops and international corporations
  • Collaborates with well-known and respected manufacturers that design, develop and deliver unique equipment solutions
  • Installs and supports software
  • Provides factory-certified equipment installation, service, and repairs
  • Delivers dedicated, fast, responsive sales service from a knowledgeable, professional staff
  • Offers educational seminars, factory tours, and networking events to learn about today’s global marketplace
  • Employs courteous, professional staff dedicated to helping you select the right equipment in providing the best service

If you’re interested in learning more about the wide variety of deburring machine solutions, leveling parts, and finishing machines that can help your business increase quality and efficiency, contact us today.

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