Schmalz Model Custom VacuMaster 200 – Manual Horizontal Rotation – Powered 90° Tilt, New 2021



VacuMaster Comfort 90° vacuum lifter with 200kg capacity to lift 90x14x12in HVAC units up to 430 lbs. Ceiling mounted bridge crane with low-profile rail and 2 bridges (extra bridge to allow for 2nd lifter). Lifter with powered 90° tilt and manual +/- 90° horizontal rotation.

  • Dry-running electric vacuum pump, 0.56 HP Electric linear actuator for 90° tilt, 1.2 HP Configured for 460V, 3-phase, 60Hz power.
  • VacuMaster bow handle, Pivoting version, 400/600mm
  • main beam, 1600mm
  • Cross beam, 750mm
  • suction cup holder
  • flat suction cup, 125mm dia
  • 2 speed electric chain hoist Model SCH-M, Capacity: 450 kg
  • Control integration kit for hoist
  • Suction cup shutoff valves
  • Rotation-Horiz-Vm-500-90°
    • Manual horizontal rotation device for VacuMaster allows +/- 90° horizontal rotation of suction cup assembly (main beam, crossbeams & pads)below main lifter frame. Locking mechanism with 3-position detent to limit rotation to 90° left or 90° right (to manage hoses). Mounts between VM basic module and main beam.