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Sunrise Metal Fabrication Equipment Distributor 

sunrise processing machineryIronworkers & Processing Machinery

Sunrise has been manufacturing metal fabrication equipment for over 50 years, and their industry-leading ironworkers are designed with multi-functions to save labor, time, energy and cost. This multi-function versatility allows Sunrise to meet a range of needs throughout the metal fabricating industry. Currently, Sunrise has the highest reviews of any ironworker brand on the market today.

The Sunrise line of ironworkers and metal processing machinery includes:

  • K-Series Ironworkers
  • Single Cylinder Ironworkers
  • Dual Cylinder Ironworkers
  • Single-End Punches
  • Semi-Automatic CNC Ironworkers
  • Fully Automatic CNC Ironworkers
  • CNC Plate Shears
  • Automated Angle and Channel Punch Systems
  • Automated Plate Processing Systems

If you’re interested in learning more about ironworkers, shears, and plate processing machinery from Sunrise, please contact us today to request a quote. As a Sunrise CNC ironworker & APS systems distributor, we look forward to hearing from you!

VIDEO: CNC Ironworker


VIDEO: Automatic Punching & Shearing System

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