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FlexCNC Vertical Machining Center

A Machining Center Designed for Fabricators

Built with fabricators in mind, FlexCNC drilling machines are the perfect choice for drilling, milling, tapping, and performing other processes on large parts that other machines simply don’t have the capacity to handle.

FlexCNC is available with a range of options and accessories in both gantry and column models. Thanks to bed sizes up to 80′ and great value when compared to other brands, FlexCNC delivers a great deal of bang for your manufacturing buck.

Most importantly, FlexCNC equipment is designed to maximize production time. With a mobile light curtain, simple setup, and easy programming, these machines reduce costly downtime and increase the profitability of your business.

FlexCNC machines are available in a variety of sizes and models. With multiple accessories and options possible, we can customize a FlexCNC to meet your exact requirements. Contact us today to learn more about the FlexCNC drilling machines for sale and request a quote.

VIDEO: FlexCNC – Do More

VIDEO: Milling with FlexCNC

VIDEO: Pendulum Mode On The FlexCNC

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