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Faccin Plate Rolling Distributor

faccin plate roll machineryThe Leader in Plate Rolls, Angle Rolls & Dished Head Machinery

No matter what sector your business operates in, from agriculture to aerospace and beyond, bending machines from Faccin will provide you with precision and reliability that is unmatched by other manufacturers. From their base in the Italian countryside, the engineers at Faccin have developed a variety of plate and angle bending machines that are in use around the world. Equipment from Faccin includes the following lines.

Angle Rolls

  • RCMI, double pinch angle rolls feature a modular roll system that’s specifically designed for bending profiles with high flexion strength.
  • Taurus, variable geometry angle rolls are suitable for bending aluminum profiles and for other heavy metal fabrication work.

Plate Rolls

For bending thin plates: 

  • HCU, 2-roll bending roll with high speed and very high productivity
  • ASI, 3-roll initial pinch bending roll 
  • 3HEL, electronic 3-roll pyramid bending roll with double pinch

For rolling thicker plates: 

  • 4HEL, 4-roll pyramid electronic bending roll
  • HAV, 3-roll variable geometry bending roll

Dished Heads

Dished head production lines from Faccin include:

  • Presses
  • Flanging machines
  • Manipulators
  • And more

Plate and angle processing equipment from Faccin is technologically advanced, reliable and precise. It can handle a wide range of thin or thick plate and angle stock, and their dished head production lines offer the ultimate in reliability and performance.

If you’re interested in learning more about Faccin, please contact us today. We appreciate your interest in the Faccin machinery for sale and look forward to helping you discover the benefits of Faccin bending machines.

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